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Matthew J. Spireng: “Reading Poetry to a Ninth-grade Class” / “Worries”
Kelly Talbot: “Dharma Daydream”
Ed Meek: “Pedestrian” / “Quabbin Reservoir”
Holly Guran: “Esperance”
Beate Sigriddaughter: “Surprise Visit”
Biswadarshan Mohanty: “Raindrops”
CD Collins: “Return”
Terry Allen: “The Picasso Museum” / “Grandpa Gave Me a Comic Book Once”
Michael Estabrook: “Secrets”
Mona Anderson: “The Waiting Room”
Louis Faber: “A Moment”
Ace Boggess: “Reason for Concern” / “God Comes Between Us”
Ruth Hoberman: “New Year’s, 2022”
Chris Ketchum: “After I Refuse to Bless the Meal”
Joyce Wilson: “The Best Mango in Senegal”
David Donna: “Outer Monologue”
David P. Miller: “Sir, Meaning Me”
Joseph Biancalana: "The Cat”
Becky Nicole James: “First”
Lance Nizami: “Unknowns”
John Riley: “Secret Morning III”
Mary Soon Lee: “Picasso’s ‘Chat Saisissant Un Oiseau’” / “Following B’sst”
Eric Braude: “Heard, When I Called Your Group Home”
Roger Hart: “The Fermi Paradox”
Sara Wallace: “Tomatoes”
Zach Murphy: “Blackout”
Patrick Meeds: “I Remember What You Told Me”
John Perrault: “For the Birds”
Allen Shadow: “The One-Time Grandma”
Claire Scott: “Doing Harm”
Hilary Sallick: “Early Action”
Mary Buchinger: “The way the light”
Adam Byko: “February, 2020”
Gabriella Brand: “Deliberately”
Laura Glenn: “Cuneiform Tablet”
Kenton K. Yee: “Fleeting Alignments”
Ann Howells: “Between BFE and God Knows Where”
Karen Friedland: “Enough”
Mervyn Seivwright: “Filming at Forty-One Degrees”
DeWitt Henry: “On Heart”
David Newdorf: “Streit’s Fruit and Produce”
Molly Mattfield Bennett: “The Air Pauses”
Mark DeCarteret: “The Year I Went Without Having Written a Sonnet”
Michael Kunzinger: “Boardwalk” / “Stars”
Diana Cole: “Trompe L’oeil at the Museum”
Gloria Mindock: “Perfection” / “Blue Skies and Sunflowers” / “Another Day in War”
Chris Bullard: “Close Call”
Amita Basu: “Retreat”
Avra Wing: “Poem Without End”
Matt Chapuran: “Coyote”
Keith Tornheim: “New Uncertainties”
Adrienne Christian: “Foggy Morning”
Michael N. Steffen: “Launching the Spirit”
Doug Holder: “On The Psychiatric Ward: All Rise”
Kathleen Spivack: “Terminal”
Karen Klein: “‘That’s the way we do it uh-uh, uh-uh’”
Tomas O’Leary: “Empathy & the Profit Margin” / “Chosen Frozen” / “Grudges”
Zvi A. Sesling: “Ghost Town”
Heather Ellyard: “Indian Bride”
Nina Rubinstein Alonso: “Rain: Double Vision”
Steve Glines: “Repeating History: Valen’s Mistake”
Daniel A. Sterne: “Grief”