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  • Don Santiago: “Keep Out”
  • Bruce Lader: “Directions to Earth”
  • Laurinda Lind: “The Last Arrival”
  • Miriam Levine: “Iris Germanica,” “Cosmos,” “The Shave,” “John’s Story”
  • Harris Gardner: “Peak of Promise”
  • Joseph A. Murray: “An Interlude on the Balkan Express”
  • Philip E. Burnham, Jr.: “Lobster for Supper”
  • Joseph A. Cohen: “I Am”
  • Kathleen Spivack: “Moths”
  • Zvi A. Sesling: “Migration”
  • DeWitt Henry: “On Falling”
  • Brandon French: “Wanting”
  • Mitchell Krockmalnik Grabois: “Narcissism”
  • James Penha: “Connectivity,” “Garden Snake”
  • Chuck Von Nordheim: “The Cult of the Rabbit”
  • Rebecca Cristante: “Beyond the Pines”
  • David Stallings: “At Longs Pass,” “On Holly Farm Lane”
  • Molly Mattfield Bennett: “Her Names”
  • Diana Anhalt: “A Father Speaks of His Son’s Disappearance,” “The Family Name,” “Afterthoughts”
  • Ross McCleary: “Creation Myth”
  • Gloria Mindock: “Crow,” “Room”
  • D. Heidi Hample: “Indulgence”
  • Kirk Etherton: “Enlightenment”
  • Carolyn Oliver: “Camp Stories”
  • Ruth C. Chad: “Hidden”
  • AN Block: “If You Don’t Want to Know”
  • Peter J. Grieco: from “Misinterpretations of Dreams (1)”
  • Fabrice Poussin: “Dreamer”
  • Pui Ying Wong: “Language Lesson for One,” “Poem With a Scene About Spring”
  • Lee Varon: “Letter to a Pedophile #7,” “Rachel, on the Ward”
  • Joanna M. Weston: “Old Photograph”
  • Lisa D. Kaufman: “Consumption”
  • Reed Redmond: “When Love Gets Drunk in the Rain,” “Water Cycling”
  • Rick Blum: “How Old Are the Girls?”
  • Ruth Smullin: “Domesticity”
  • Mary Lou Maloney: “When Father Brady Asked Ellen Anne if She Would Join Him for First Friday Blessings”
  • Wendell Smith: “Snowflakes Like Babies’ Fists,” “Midden Madness”
  • Bonnie Stanard: “Modern Instances,” “Demented Insomnia”
  • Matthew Harrison: “Surfing”
  • Nina Rubinstein Alonso: “December Trio: 2009”
  • Beate Sigriddaughter: “The Footnote”
  • Tim Suermondt: “The Yellow Car at Auvers,” “The First Day of Summer”
  • Sylvia Ashby: “Alternate Universe”
  • Ivan de Monbrison: “Three Poems About Living in a Painting”
  • Lucy Holstedt: “Wood”
  • Bert Stern: “Rag Song”