Volume 2: UPHEAVAL (Fall 2012) is now available for purchase! The issue is available via and in Europe via,,,, and



  • Eva Eliav: “Science Fiction”
  • Colleen Michaels: “Hand to Mouth”; “Ursa Minor”
  • Lance Nizami: “Doctrine”; “Nerdsong”
  • Barbara Baldwin: “The Bus to 1956”
  • Mark J. Easton: “Yidaki”
  • Kelli Allen: “Quiet, An Anniversary”; “Taking Place”
  • Jacob Edwards: “Friday Afternoon Lament”
  • Matthew Sissom: “Recent Images of Mars”
  • Maureen Kingston: “Atmospheric Perspective”
  • Eleanor Leonne Bennett: “Starfish”; “Get Back Better on”; “Emotional Upheaval”
  • Catherine Zickgraf: “Sunbonnet”; “How to See Russia From Alaska”; “Birth Family”
  • Heather Hughes: “Rocktime”; “New Zealand squid thaw put on ice”
  • Zachary Henderson: “In Orbit About the Earth”
  • Anne Butler: “Uncontained”; “The Light Bulb Store”
  • Ted Morrissey: “Beside Running Waters”
  • Nancy Carol Moody: “Weather”; “In the Room Where You Left Him,”
  • Joanna M. Weston: “Outlander”
  • James P. Roberts: “Coalescing Into Ice”; “Alone in the Sea of Tranquility”; “The Poetic Chinchbug”
  • Sergio Ortiz: “Rain and Sound”
  • Narendra Sharma: “Waterfall”
  • Clark Powell: “As We Fell”; “Departing”; “Making up Tow”; “Poem for the Depressed”
  • Roland Pease: “In the Know”; “Hot & Bothered”
  • Lara Rubinstein Hathaway: “Sneaky Stealthy Stella”
  • Zvi A. Sesling: “City of the Devout”
  • Richard Fein: “Better to Treat Your Timepiece as”; “An Appropriate Hell”
  • Wendell Smith: “In the Beginning”; “To My Atheist Friends”
  • Nina Rubinstein Alonso: “Shrunken Heads”
  • Ben Leib: “Turn Into the Skid”
  • Jack Carenza: “The Drunkard”
  • Joanne Faries: “Coiled”; “Farewell”; “Worries”
  • Kristen Forbes: “Thud”
  • Diana Anhalt: “Dancing Alone”; “Visitations”; “Mexico City Dance Club, 1955”; “Lesson”
  • Kathleen Brewin Lewis: “Orion’s Belt”
  • Tree Riesener: “perseid meteor shower”
  • Janet Butler: “Break up”; “Discombobulated”
  • Zach Wagner: “Lost, in Translation”
  • Krikor N. Der Hohannesian: “Friday Afternoons at the Chez”; “Saying Goodbye”; “The Stain”
  • John Grey: “If It’s Tuesday It Must Be the American Dream”
  • Ha Kiet Chau: “Fish and Blood”
  • Virginia Bach Folger: “Toppling”; “Elegy for an Ex-Husband”; “Free Stone”
  • Jack Miller: “Up Too Early on Sunday (Divorce Song)”; “Force Majeure”; “2996”
  • David Manning: “The Days Swift as Greyhounds”