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  • Irene Koronas: “Small Rain Puddles”
  • Ralph Monday: “Black Holes in a Bucket of Mud”
  • Pui Ying Wong: “Bugs and Oxen”
  • Robert Nisbet: “John at Twelve”
  • Paul Nelson: “Light and Limber and Long,” “Turtle,” “Closed”
  • Rio Jones: “Before the Desert”
  • Dennis Daly: “Before the Big Bang”
  • Joan Michelson: “Love Song for My Father”
  • Boris Kokotov: “Inherently Green,” “The Team Is Working”
  • Molly Mattfield Bennett: “Stone”
  • Terry Sanville: “Cool Cambrian Fog”
  • Krikor N. Der Hohannesian: “April 15, 2015,” “In the Beginning,” “When the Earth Was Flat”
  • J. D. Trejo-Maya: “Ce-Coatl, Tlaxochimaco, Yei-Calli”
  • Duane Locke: “ECO ECHOES 203”
  • Stacey Margaret Jones: “Still”
  • William A. Greenfield: “A Canopy of Forsythia”
  • Virginia Bach Folger: “Onset”
  • Joyce Wilson: “The Fledgling”
  • Holly Zeeb: “Music Lesson”
  • Heather Nelson: “Father’s Day”
  • Jack Miller: “Uncanny Valley: Antecedent”
  • Tomas O’Leary: “Moon Bible,” “Down on the Heterodox,” “The Fairy Tale Parade”
  • Kathleen Spivack: “Moonlight Over the Acropolis,” “to have and to hold”
  • J. Richard McLaughlin: “The Phoenix,” “It’s Always Six O’Clock,” “No Wonder”
  • Nina Rubinstein Alonso: “Setting Fire to the Past”
  • Doug Holder: Excerpt: Portrait of an Artist as a Young Poseur
  • Ace Boggess: “Why Are There Days I’m Not the Person I Want to Be?”
  • Ann (Adjie) Shirley-Henderson: “Origins—The Garden”
  • Rebecca Oet: “The Pink Pond,” “Through the Looking Glasses”
  • Joanna M. Weston: “Summer Afternoon,” “The Dailyness of It All”
  • Miriam Levine: “My Father’s Overcoat,” “Hello, Dream,” “Bitten”
  • J. G. Walker: “Garbage”
  • Philip E. Burnham, Jr.: “Learning to Ride”
  • John Grey: “Legacy,” “At the Age of Eight”
  • Bill Dill: “Have a Seat,” “Implausibilities,” “Origins—To Boston on a Prison Ship, 1651”
  • Richard King Perkins II: “Chimera of Earth”
  • Kevin Rabas: “Bei Dao Book Arrives,” “Box”
  • David Spiering: “a poem caused by my mother’s Irish passed down to me”
  • Sally Houtman: “String Theory”
  • Linda Benninghoff: “Marrying,” “Elegy”
  • Tim Suermondt: “The Opera Singer Wannabe on The Street in The Rain”
  • Sylvia Ashby: “Pandora Revisited”
  • Peter Grieco: “Memories Inside a Dream”
  • Zvi A. Sesling: “Mumbai,” “Untitled”
  • Roland Pease: “Altering the Alphabet,” “At Sea,” “A Curious Poem”
  • Heather Ellyard: “Jerusalem,” “Victims”
  • Ruth C. Chad: “In Therapy”
  • Lawrence Kessenich: “Words”