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Cory Henniges: “Teaching My Nephew About Lying”
Allee Mead: “Long Distance Call”
Rohan Buettel: “Plane Trees” / “Presentation”
Marisa P. Clark: “My Mother Asks If I Remember My First Kiss”
Mary Buchinger: “The illusion of choice”
Jieun Paik: “tale of a man who lives on bread alone ”
Wendell Smith: “First Contact?”
Gaby Bedetti: “Cunning”
Tim Keppel: “Belongings”
Ann Howells: “War Cry”
Will Simon: “Say You Are One of Us”
Cassidy Lear: “The Date”
Connor Poff: “Mother’s Day”
Lee Kirby: “All-Staff Meeting”
Lynn Gilbert: “Puttin’ on the Ritz”
David P. Miller: “Another Scan of Quiet Objects” / “Talk Normal”
Jennifer B. Kahnweiler: “The Memory Too Raw”
CD Collins: “Emmetropia”
Charlie Steak: “Seventh and Camelback”
Glenis Armstrong: “Shoji Screen”
Amanda Nicole Corbin: “false letter language”
Samodh Porawagamage: “Loving Soldier boy,”
Chris Bullard: “Crypto”
DeWitt Henry: “Masquers” / “The Birdly”
Mona Anderson: “At the Bagel Shop”
Daniel Gene Barlekamp: “The Exhibition”
Morgan Kovacs: “Mercury in Retrograde”
Shauri Cherie: “Sacre-Coeur Basilica”
Lee Varon: “Warbler”
Molly Mattfield Bennett: “Nothing Happens”
John M. Davis: “There was a plan” / “At the Café de la Gare”
Nicholas Karavatos: “Astronautical #3”
Ace Boggess: “Land Grab”
Susan Sklan: “Job Interview”
Ben Macnair: "The Poetry Reading”
Isaac James Richards: “Faux Assassin”
Ed Meek: “Mistaken Identity”
Ruth Hoberman: “To the Painter outside my Window as I Eat Breakfast”
Debasish Mishra: “My Invisible Father”
Phil Temples: “Testament” / “More Memories For Sale”
Erica M. Breen: “heritage”
Livingston Rossmoor: “Oh! What a Luxury Day”
Yvette A. Schnoeker-Shorb: “The Skirt”
Beate Sigriddaughter: “At the Foot of the Mountain”
Johanna DeMay: “Marcela’s Quest”
Laura Sweeney: “There Are Days Now/Here”
Jay Paine: “Sunflowers”
Alex Averbuch: “as though this weren’t about you”
Karen Klein: “Lust in the aged” / “The Facts of Life”
Cathryn Shea: “An American Vernacular”
Alicia Hilton: “The Oracle”
Bryan Vale: “The Ghostly Dumplings”
Matthew J. Spireng: “Stroller”
Mary Soon Lee: “The Lies the Dragon Told”
Ann Calandro: “Hopeful”
Farah Art Griffin: “Conditioning”
William Bonfiglio: “One of the Boys”
Zach Murphy: “What Do I Wear to My Friend’s Funeral?”
RC deWinter: “slippery when wet”
Mickie Kennedy: “Sorrow”
Kristy Snedden: “Lowing”
Ruth Holzer: “A Night in Newark” / “Out There”
Richard Holinger: “The Bad Magician”
Rick Blum: “Finding the Crux”
Heather Ellyard: “Fissures and Loss” / “Vale in Memory” / “Addendum”
Kitty Beer: “Genesis II”
Tomas O’Leary: “Note to the Neighbor c/o Me” / “Off With the Layers” / “Checking Into the Afterlife” / “Genius and Moron”
Zvi A. Sesling: “Hitchhiker”
Krikor N. Der Hohannesian: “Master Class”
Doug Holder: “My Brother Wouldn’t Let Me Fall”
Nina RubinsteinAlonso: “None of Them Are You” / “Map to Nowhere*” / “MLK March / DC 1963 (1)” / “MLK March / DC 1963 (2)”
Bert Stern: “I never wanted a Harley.”
Kathleen Spivack: “Summer Heat”
Denise Provost: “Sparrow”